Enable ksqlDB Integration with Schema Registry on Confluent Cloud

If you want to use schemas in your ksqlDB queries, ensure that Schema Registry is enabled in your environment. In the navigation menu, if Schema Registry is unavailable, enable it by following the steps in Quick Start for Schema Management on Confluent Cloud.

When you create a ksqlDB cluster in the ksqlDB New cluster page, if you see an alert that reads, “IMPORTANT: Confirm that the user or service account has the required privileges to access Schema Registry”, follow these steps to configure your ksqlDB cluster to access Schema Registry.

  1. In the Confluent Cloud Console, click the Administration menu in the upper-right corner:admin-menu-icon

  2. In the Administration menu, click Accounts & access.

  3. In the Accounts & access page, select User accounts or Service accounts.


    • To enable your ksqlDB cluster to access all the resources that you have permissions to access, select User accounts and click your account name.
    • To enable fine-grained control over access to specific resources, select Service accounts and click an existing service account or create a new one.
  4. Click Access, and in the Access page, navigate to the Organization > Environment where you want to create your ksqlDB cluster.

  5. Click Schema Registry, and in the Schema subject permissions section click Add role assignment.

  6. In the New schema subject permissions section, click All schema subjects to grant access for your ksqlDB cluster.

  7. Click the Account dropdown and select your account or the service account that’s associated with your ksqlDB cluster.

  8. In the Role section, select ResourceOwner, which gives your ksqlDB full access for creating and reading schemas.

  9. Click Save.