Troubleshoot Cluster Linking on Confluent Cloud

This page describes common errors you may encounter when creating cluster links, and how to address them. Task error codes for cluster link and mirror topic commands are also listed.

Troubleshoot and Task Error Codes

The following error codes are shared by cluster link and mirror topic commands to indicate problems with the link tasks or the mirror transition tasks.

With the exception of INTERNAL_ERROR, these are all user-created errors. In other words, if the error code is INTERNAL_ERROR, then Confluent will have been alerted and will be working on fixing the issue. Otherwise, the error is customer created and the customer can and should alert on, as the error requires customer action to resolve.

Task Status Description
UNKNOWN Error cause cannot be determined.
INTERNAL_ERROR System error caused by Confluent software. This type of error automatically alerts Confluent, and resolution is in work.
AUTHENTICATION_ERROR Authentication credentials are not properly configured.
AUTHORIZATION_ERROR Authorization credentials are not properly configured.
BROKER_AUTHENTICATION_ERROR Authentication credentials on the broker are not properly configured Confluent Platform.
BROKER_AUTHORIZATION_ERROR Authorization credentials on the broker are not properly configured Confluent Platform.
MISCONFIGURATION_ERROR A misconfiguration is causing errors.
REMOTE_LINK_NOT_FOUND_ERROR The remote link was unexpectedly not found.
LINK_NOT_FOUND_ERROR The cluster link cannot be found.
CONSUMER_GROUP_IN_USE_ERROR The consumer group is active on the destination, causing offsets to not be synced.
SECURITY_DISABLED_ERROR No authorizer is configured on the source cluster.
TOPIC_EXISTS_ERROR A topic exists on the destination unexpectedly.
POLICY_VIOLATION_ERROR The topic transition violates a policy.
LINK_COORDINATOR_NOT_ENABLED_ERROR Cluster link is not enabled.
ACL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED ACLs limit on the link has been exceeded.
REMOTE_MIRROR_NOT_FOUND_ERROR Remote mirror topic is not available.
UNKNOWN_TOPIC_OR_PARTITION_ERROR Either a topic or partition was unexpectedly not found.
INVALID_TOPIC An InvalidTopicException was encountered from the destination cluster. This error would occur, for example, if the auto-create mirror task tries to create a topic on the destination cluster and the topic name is invalid. See the error message for more details.
SUPPRESSED_ERRORS This means some errors were suppressed because too many were encountered.
INVAILD_REQUEST_ERROR An InvalidRequestException was encountered. See the error message for more details.