Confluent AI Assistant for Confluent Cloud

The Confluent AI Assistant provides a dedicated chat interface that you can use to interact with a Confluent Cloud organization and Confluent documentation. The Confluent AI Assistant is aware of all Confluent documentation, and for authenticated users in the Confluent Cloud Console it is also aware of Confluent Cloud resources that the user has access to.


This feature is available as an Early Access feature to a limited set of customers. An Early Access feature is a component of Confluent Cloud that is being introduced to gain early feedback from users. This features can be used for evaluation and non-production testing purposes or to provide feedback to Confluent. The warranty, Service Level Objectives (SLO), and Support Services provisions of your agreement with Confluent do not apply to Early Access features. Confluent may discontinue providing Early Access releases of the Early Access features at any time in Confluent’s sole discretion. If you are interested in being included in the Early Access program, please contact us through the through the #ai-assistant Slack channel in the Confluent Community Slack

Confluent AI Assistant Usage

The Confluent AI Assistant is on by default for all early access organizations. It will appear as a chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Confluent Cloud Console, or in the bottom right-hand corner of the Confluent documentation site.

Manage Confluent AI Assistant access for an Confluent Cloud organization

Administrators can enable or disable the Confluent AI Assistant in Confluent Cloud for an organization by following this procedure.

  1. In Confluent Cloud Console, open the sidebar menu. Below the current user name, click Organization settings and select your organization.

    If you belong to only one organization, your organization settings page appears. If you belong to multiple organizations, the Organizations page appears, displaying a list of the organizations you belong to.

  2. On the Organizations page, choose the organization you want to enable or disable. On the organization page, toggle the Confluent AI Assistant.

Disable for a user

If the Confluent AI Assistant is enabled for your organization, you can enable or disable the Confluent AI Assistant for your current and future Confluent Cloud sessions by following this procedure.

  1. In Confluent Cloud Console, open the sidebar menu and select your user name to go to the Settings page.
  2. On the Settings page, select the Preferences tab and toggle the Confluent AI Assistant.

Provide Feedback

The Confluent AI Assistant provides an optional user feedback system that is designed to improve user satisfaction and performance. You can indicate whether the Confluent AI Assistant response was helpful by selecting the thumbs up (positive) or thumbs down (negative) icons. You will then be prompted to provide an optional text feedback explaining what you liked or disliked about a response. This feedback may be used by Confluent to improve service performance and make the Confluent AI Assistant better. For new feature requests or improvements please contact us through the #ai-assistant Slack channel in the Confluent Community Slack.


The Confluent AI Assistant is free for all users in Preview. Pricing and tiers will be communicated before general availability.

Privacy and security

Confluent values privacy, security, and transparency. Included here is the relevant information regarding your Confluent AI Assistant data usage and generation. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at

You are solely responsible for your input. Avoid sharing any sensitive information like API keys or secrets, in your chats. Confluent may review your inputs to ensure an adequate level of human oversight is provided for the Confluent AI Assistant.
Personal Information
Information shared with the Confluent AI Assistant will be processed by Confluent in accordance with the Confluent Privacy Notice.
Confluent will attempt to redact user-supplied content and generated responses by masking sensitive information before storing any conversation data. Please avoid inputting any sensitive information, e.g. API keys, secrets, etc.
AI Services
The Confluent AI Assistant uses the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to provide responses to user questions. Questions are not retained by Azure. Confluent has opted out of the Azure abuse monitoring, which ensures that the prompts and responses are not retained or reviewed by Azure. To learn more, see the Azure data management policy.
Service Optimization
Confluent might store user input and generated output and use that information to improve service performance. This data will not be used in model training or shared with any third party vendors.
The Confluent AI Assistant might provide inaccurate or harmful content that does not represent the views of Confluent. It is essential to thoroughly examine any output generated by the Confluent AI Assistant before executing or acting on it. Your feedback will help us improve the Confluent AI Assistant and its capabilities.

Performance considerations

The Confluent AI Assistant can help with many tasks but there are some things to consider when using it:

Read Only Capabilities
The Confluent AI Assistant only reads data and generates text output. It cannot create, update, or delete resources. The Read behavior is enabled by reusing the JWT session token for the user interface to access resource-specific APIs. The Confluent AI Assistant only has access to the same set of resources that an active (signed-in) Confluent Cloud Console user can access.
Confluent AI Assistant in Documentation
The Confluent AI Assistant hosted in the Confluent Documentation pages cannot use the context of an active (signed-in) user or access their resources. Because it cannot access user data, it can only answer Confluent-related questions generally.
Data Query Limits
The Confluent AI Assistant may run into resource or rate limits when attempting to answer questions. This is possible if you are asking open-ended questions about a large number of resources, for example if you ask the Confluent AI Assistant to list all topics in a 10,000 topic organization. It is recommended that you scope your answer more specifically to achieve best results and avoid hitting resource or rate limits.
Relevant Questions
The Confluent AI Assistant is designed to help you with questions about Confluent Cloud, Confluent Platform, and data streaming. It tries to provide relevant answers, but sometimes it might misunderstand your questions or answer unrelated questions. If this happens to you, try rephrasing your question or providing more context. If it answers unrelated questions, let us know so that the Confluent AI Assistant can be improved.
Preview Accuracy
The Confluent AI Assistant is still learning and can make mistakes. Your feedback is valuable for helping it get better. Please use the thumbs up (positive rating) or thumbs down (negative rating) buttons to let us know how it’s doing and provide any additional details that can help us improve the Confluent AI Assistant.
Support questions
The Confluent AI Assistant does not have the authority or the ability to give refunds or comment on Service Level Objectives (SLOs). The Confluent AI Assistant also does not have access to any Confluent Support ticket information.