Confluent Support for Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud offers three levels of paid support.

  • Developer
  • Business
  • Premier

Support plans

The Developer support plan is intended for non-production use cases, and covers components that are fully managed by Confluent. Self-managed components, which are defined as components which are not fully managed by Confluent in Confluent Cloud, are not covered by the Developer support plan.

The Business and Premier levels are appropriate for production use cases, and they cover self-managed components licensed in conjunction with a Kafka cluster in Confluent Cloud. They do not cover self-managed Kafka clusters or brokers.

Self-managed components

Confluent considers the following components to be self-managed and the Confluent Cloud Developer support plan does not cover them.


The following networking scenarios are not covered by any support plan:

  • Connections from on-premises or from external networks to Confluent Cloud clusters with private networking implemented, meaning VPC Peering, VNet Peering, or Private Links
  • Configuring external DNS providers to work with Confluent Cloud endpoints

If you are interested in these configurations for Confluent Cloud, contact your Confluent sales representative.

For more details on components and coverage contacts and hours, see the Confluent Cloud support plans. To view questions and answers for common problems, and to get extra help for supported components, see the Confluent Support Portal.

View your support plan

You can change view support plan in the Cloud Console. To view your plan:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Console.

  2. Access the Support menu identified by the help icon in the upper right (help-icon), and choose Support plans.

  3. The support plans display. Your current plan is highlighted and identified with the a Current plan button.


Change your support plan

You can change your support plan in the Cloud Console. Before you change your plan, note that downgrade restrictions apply to support plan purchases. Your current support level will stay in effect until the end of the current calendar month. However, if you downgrade within the month of purchase, your current support plan level is maintained until the end of the next full calendar month.

To change your plan:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Console.

  2. Access the Support menu identified by the help icon in the upper right (help-icon), and choose Support plans.

  3. Review the plans, level of support, and associated costs and click Select for the plan you want. A dialog appears, which displays the payment details. Select or add a credit card to specify where support should be charged.


    Signing up for the Premier support plan requires a Confluent Cloud commitment. Click Contact us and enter any questions you have about Premier support, and a Confluent representative will contact you. In addition, upgrading to Premier support in the middle of an existing commitment is not supported.

  4. Click Confirm upgrade or Confirm downgrade to confirm the change.

Request support

You can request support in the Confluent Support Portal. You can access the portal directly, or navigate to it from the Cloud Console by selecting the Support menu identified by the help (help-icon) icon in the upper-right, and choosing Support portal.

To request support:

  1. Log in to the support portal. Note that you should use the same email. address that is associated with your Confluent Cloud account.
  2. In the upper right corner, select SUBMIT A REQUEST.
  3. Under Submit a Request provide details for your issue.
    1. In the drop-down, choose the ticket type.
    2. Optionally add emails for users in the organization that have a Confluent Support Portal account.
    3. Choose the appropriate Support Organization, if you are a member of more than one organization in Confluent Cloud.
    4. Fill in the Subject, select one of the assistance categories, if it applies, and provide a description of the issue.
    5. Optionally add supporting documents as attachments
    6. When finished, click SUBMIT.

Note that you will receive a response that in the timeframe specified by the support plan level for your organization.

Additional resources