Free Trial for Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud allows you to sign up and use the product with a temporary free trial, enabling you to test and evaluate the platform without entering your payment information. To use the Confluent Cloud free trial, sign up for Confluent Cloud.

Using the free trial

When you sign up for Confluent Cloud, your Organization will have free credit automatically added to your billing account. This free credit expires after 60 days. When you have consumed your free credit, or the credit expires without being used, the free trial is over.

After the free trial is over, your Organization will be suspended. While your Organization is suspended, you will be unable to use any Confluent Cloud features, and your data will be inaccessible. To reactivate a suspended Organization at the end of the free trial, log in to the Confluent Cloud Console and enter your credit card information, or claim a Promo Code for additional free credit.

If you do not enter a credit card or claim a Promo Code within 15 days of suspension, your Organization will be permanently deactivated, and your data and all resources will be deleted. This deactivation is not reversible.


If you use a Promo Code to reactivate your Organization, but you do not enter a credit card before the free credit from this Promo Code is consumed or expires, your Organization will be suspended again, which could result in disruption or data loss.

For more information regarding Promo Codes, review the documentation for Redeem a promo code or view balance.

Viewing your free credit balance

To view your free credit balance and time remaining until your free credit expires, navigate to the Payment details & contacts tab on the Billing & payment page in the Confluent Cloud Console .

Free trial notifications

During your free trial, you will receive several email notifications from Confluent providing helpful information about the status of your free trial. Free trial emails are sent to the user who originally signed up for Confluent Cloud.

Emails are triggered based on the following events during the free trial:

  • Free trial credit is 50% consumed
  • 50% of the free trial credit expiration period has elapsed
  • Free trial credit is 80% consumed OR free trial credit expires in less than 3 days
  • Organization suspended due to end of free trial


If you enter a credit card or claim a Promo Code before the end of your free trial, you will be opted out of subsequent email notifications specific to the free trial.

Adding a credit card

During the free trial, you can add a credit card at any time by navigating to the Billing & Payment screen in the Confluent Cloud Console. Any free credit that you have will remain in your Organization and be consumed before billing accrues. After the free credit is consumed, your consumption will accrue and your credit card will be charged at the end of each monthly billing cycle.

To enter a credit card or claim a Promo Code, your user account must be assigned the OrganizationAdmin role. For more information, please review Use Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) in Confluent Cloud.


To avoid disruption and prevent possible data loss, we recommend that you enter a credit card before the end of your free trial.