Public Egress IP Addresses for Confluent Cloud Connectors

Use the following information to set up and use a set of public egress IP addresses for connectors running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud.


  • A major upgrade may result in changes to the public egress IP addresses.
  • Public egress IP addresses are currently limited to public internet only and are not supported with Custom Connectors.
  • You cannot use public egress IP addresses for Azure service connectors.

A list of public egress IP addresses is provided in the Cloud Console. Go to Cluster Settings > Networking to see the addresses.

Public egress IP addresses

Cluster Networking

After you know the public egress IP addresses that the connector will use, update the allowlists for the authorized clients.

If you do not enter all the provided IP addresses, or if you enter any of the IP address numbers incorrectly, you may get the following error message after your connector launches.

There were some errors with your configuration: Unable to
connect to the server.

For example:

Connection failure event

Connection failure message

Note that synchronous validation is turned off. If you attempt to load an invalid connector configuration (for example, wrong credentials, collections that do not exist, or an S3 bucket that does not exist) you do not get immediate validation. The connector will start, but then fail with an error message and a list of configuration errors.

For example:

Configuration failure event

Configuration failure message

For additional information about using a set of public egress IP addresses in Confluent Cloud, see Use Public Egress IP Addresses on Confluent Cloud for Connectors and Cluster Linking.