Preview: Static Egress IP Addresses


Static Egress IP address support is available as a preview feature. Make sure to read and understand what using a preview feature means.

Static egress IP address support is only available for the following fully-managed connectors running on Amazon Web Services (AWS):


Customers must be running a multi-tenant or Dedicated Apache Kafka® cluster on AWS and the public Internet (that is, no VPC-peering and no PrivateLink). If you meet these criteria, contact your Confluent Account Executive or Confluent Support to get set up.

After you are set up, you should see a list of static egress IP addresses in the Confluent Cloud GUI listed under Cluster Settings > Networking.

Static egress IP addresses

Cluster Networking

Once you have been granted the list of egress IP addresses, you can go to Network Access in your MongoDB Atlas project and add the list of IP addresses. Please make sure you add all IP addresses listed. For details on how to add and change MongoDB Atlas access IP addresses, see Configure IP Access List Entries.

Once you have the static IP addresses added to your Mongo Atlas project, you can create your MongoDB Source or Sink connector. Note that if you do not enter all the provided IP addresses, or if you enter any of the IP address numbers incorrectly, you may see the following error message after your connector launches.

There were some errors with your configuration: Unable to
connect to the server.

For example:

Connection failure event

Connection failure message

When static egress IPs are enabled, synchronous validation is turned off. If you attempt to load an invalid connector configuration (for example, wrong credentials, collections that do not exist, or an S3 bucket that does not exist) you do not get immediate validation. The connector will start, but then fail with an error message and a list of configuration errors.

For example:

Configuration failure event

Configuration failure message