Contribute to Confluent Hub

Confluent Hub welcomes submissions from all developers of components within the Apache Kafka® and Confluent Cloud or Confluent Platform ecosystems.

The component contribution instructions outlined here are for community members who would like their projects to be hosted on Confluent Hub. If you are a participant in Confluent’s Partner Program and would like to submit your product to Confluent Hub, contact your Confluent representative for details and benefits.

Technical Requirements for Submissions

You must submit components in the component archive format. Improperly-packaged components will be rejected.

Verify your Submission’s Authenticity

Optionally, you can verify the authenticity of your component by signing it (for example, using gpg --detach-sign --armor) and including the corresponding ASC file with your submission.

Submit a Component

To submit a component, email the component archive and optionally its ASC file to, either as attachments or through cloud storage, such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox. By submitting a component, you agree to the Confluent Hub terms of use.