Get Help with Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink

You can request support in the Confluent Support Portal.

You can access the portal directly, or you can navigate to it from the Confluent Cloud Console by selecting the Support menu identified by the help icon (help-icon) in the upper-right and choosing Support portal. For more information, see Confluent Support for Confluent Cloud.

Confluent Community Slack

There is a dedicated #flink channel in the Confluent Community Slack. Join with this link to ask questions, provide feedback, and engage with other users.

Troubleshoot Flink in Confluent Cloud Console

If issues occur while running Flink in Cloud Console, consider generating a HAR file and uploading it to the Confluent Community Slack channel or sending it to the Support Portal. For more information, see Generate a HAR file for Troubleshooting.


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