Use Static Egress IP addresses


Static egress IP address support is currently limited to:

  • Confluent Cloud clusters on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud
  • Public internet only

In Confluent Cloud clusters, static egress IP addresses are public IP addresses associated with your cluster that are used to communicate with external resources (such as data sources and sinks for managed connectors) over the public internet and include the following features and options:

  • Never change — stable throughout the lifecycle of the Confluent Cloud cluster and managed connectors.
  • Can be used to restrict access to authorized clients on an external resource.
  • Static egress IP addresses are shared across Confluent Cloud cluster types in the same cloud service provider region.


IP address ranges are non-exclusive to specific Confluent Cloud accounts.

List available static egress IP addresses

  1. Sign in to the Confluent Cloud Console and select your cluster.
  2. Click Cluster settings and then click Networking. The Cluster settings view appears with the following information displayed.
    • Type: Internet — Indicates that the cluster is available over the public internet.
    • Egress IPs — Listing of source IP addresses that can be used by your cluster while establishing outbound connections to endpoints with public IP addresses.
  3. Copy all egress IP addresses to the allowlist of the external resource to allow connections from Confluent Cloud services. To copy each specific IP address from the list, click Copy when hovering over the address.

Fully-managed connectors supporting static egress IP addresses

For information about using static IP addresses with fully-managed connectors on AWS and GCP, see Static Egress IP Addresses for Confluent Cloud Connectors.