Get Started with Confluent Cloud on the Google Cloud Marketplace with Pay As You Go

This topic shows you how to get up and running using Confluent Cloud on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

  • A Google Cloud Marketplace account. You can use Confluent Cloud with your existing Google Cloud billing and credits.
  • To purchase you must be logged in to the Google Cloud Marketplace and your project must be enabled for purchase by your billing administrator.



  1. Navigate to the Google Cloud Marketplace and search for “Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud.”

    Selecting Confluent Cloud in Marketplace
  2. Choose the Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud™ tile, and an overview page displays.

  3. On the overview page, click Subscribe to display the Order Summary page.

    Purchasing Confluent Cloud
  4. On the the Order Summary page,

    • Under Select Plan, Confluent Cloud - Pay as you Go is automatically selected.
    • For Confluent Cloud, Google Cloud has enabled Confluent Consumption Units (CCUs). The price for each CCU displays in the Pricing section.
    • Select a Billing account, and read and accept the Additional terms.
    • When you have completed the Confluent Cloud subscription form, click Subscribe at the bottom of the form.
  5. Register with Confluent.

    Confluent Cloud properly enabled on Google Cloud
  6. For the Confluent Organization details, choose to either Create a new Confluent organization or Link to an existing organization. If you link to an existing organization, you will be prompted for your Confluent Cloud account credentials.

    • Provide the necessary information and click Sign up.
    Confluent Cloud sign up page

    You will receive an email from Confluent requesting that you verify your email address. Confirm the address. After verification, you are automatically logged in as the administrator of the new Confluent Cloud account.


    If you recently created a Confluent account through Google Cloud, but you didn’t confirm the update, your Confluent account is automatically linked, even if you try to create a new account.

  7. Once you have signed up for Confluent Cloud, click Create cluster to get started with a new Confluent Cloud cluster.

    Create clusters


Account cannot be linked

Your attempt to link a Pay As You Go account fails with the message “Account cannot be linked, code 9201”
Make sure you are linking a Confluent Pay As You Go account to a Google Cloud Marketplace usage-based commitment account. Linking a Confluent Pay As You Go account to a Google Cloud Marketplace Pay As You Go account is not supported.

You already have a Confluent account

You already have a Confluent account and you want to use Pay As You Go.
  • To use your existing account, select Link an existing account to register with Confluent.
  • To use a different account, use a different email address to register with Confluent.

Next Steps

Try out the Quick Start for Confluent Cloud, which shows you how to use Confluent Cloud to create topics, produce, and consume to a Kafka cluster.

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