Confluent Cloud Billing

Confluent Cloud bills are based on your consumption of resources within your cloud organization. Discounts based on usage are available with annual commitments.

Billing for each Confluent Cloud component accrues at hourly intervals. All billing computations are conducted in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). To view billing information, log into Confluent Cloud and visit the Billing & payment screen.

Confluent Cloud billing integrates with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. Sign up with your cloud provider to pay via your cloud provider billing account.

Annual commitments

Confluent Cloud offers the ability to make a commitment to a minimum amount of spend over a specified time period. This commitment gives you access to discounts and provides the flexibility to use this commitment across the entire Confluent Cloud stack, including any Kafka cluster type, ksqlDB on Confluent Cloud, Connectors, and Support.

With annual commitments you can view the total amount of accrued usage during the commitment term and the amount of time left on your commitment.

If you use more than your committed amount, you can continue using Confluent Cloud without interruption. You will be charged at your discounted rate for usage beyond the committed amount until the end of your commitment term. Commitments are minimums, and there is no negative impact to exceeding your committed usage. If you exceed this minimum, overage charges will be billed to the payment method set for your organization.

Contact Confluent to learn more about annual commitments.

Billing profile


If your organization is using RBAC, then only users who are assigned the OrganizationAdmin role can view the Billing & payment screen. For details, refer to Confluent Cloud RBAC Roles.

To view your billing profile, navigate to the Billing & payment screen and select the Payment details & contacts tab.

Confluent Cloud Payment details page

You can obtain your Cloud Organization ID, edit your billing information, add an address for tax purposes, or claim a Promo Code.

You can use all major credit cards with Confluent Cloud. To switch to invoicing, contact the Confluent sales team. Invoicing requires a minimum annual commitment.

Credit card payment receipts or invoices are emailed to the address that was initially provided during sign up for Confluent Cloud. To change the billing email address, click the Change button next to the email address field under Payment info, or contact your account team.

The invoice can only be sent to a single email address.

Billing Dimensions


Confluent Cloud offers basic, standard, and dedicated Kafka cluster types. Kafka clusters are billed based on the following dimensions:

Basic clusters
Dimension Unit of measure
Ingress Cost per GB written per hour
Egress Cost per GB read per hour
Storage Cost per GB stored per hour
Partitions Cost per partition per hour (Effective July 1, 2020)
Standard clusters
Dimension Unit of measure
Base price Cost per hour
Ingress Cost per GB written per hour
Egress Cost per GB read per hour
Storage Cost per GB stored per hour
Partitions Cost per partition per hour (Effective July 1, 2020)
Dedicated clusters
Dimension Unit of measure
CKU price Cost per CKU per hour
Ingress Cost per GB written per hour
Egress Cost per GB read per hour
Storage Cost per GB stored per hour

Confluent Cloud charges for partitions on Basic and Standard clusters. You are charged for the number of unique partitions that exist on your cluster during a given hour. Basic clusters receive 10 partitions free of charge, and Standard clusters receive 500 partitions free of charge. Dedicated clusters have no partition-based charges.

Internal Kafka topic partitions and storage (for example, __consumer_offsets) are not billable.


You are billed for the total amount of data transferred in and out of your cluster, including request overhead associated with the Kafka protocol.

Kafka Connect

If you use a dedicated cluster, connectors on Confluent Cloud run on your own dedicated Connect cluster. Confluent Cloud provisions the dedicated Connect cluster when you launch your first connecter. If you use a Basic or Standard Kafka cluster, your connector runs in multi-tenant Kafka Connect clusters. For the connectors running on a multi-tenant Connect cluster, there is no Connect capacity (ConnectCapacity) charge.

The dedicated cluster and fully-managed connectors are billed based on the following dimensions:

Dimension Unit of measure
Dedicated cluster Cost per hour
Task base price Cost per task per hour
Throughput Cost per GB written or read per hour

Fully-managed connector pricing is displayed in the Add Connector screen:

Confluent Cloud Connect Cluster Billing

Dedicated connect cluster hourly pricing is shown on the Review and launch screen the first time you launch a connector.

Confluent Cloud Connect Review and Launch

Dedicated cluster billing is shown as a line item on the Billing & payment > Billing screen.

Self-managed connectors have no billing mechanism themselves. However, note that using self-managed connectors may incur ingress, egress, and storage charges for your Kafka clusters running in Confluent Cloud.


Fully-managed ksqlDB is billed based on the following dimension:

Dimension Unit of measure
Confluent Streaming Unit Cost per Confluent Streaming Unit per hour

In addition to the per-Confluent Streaming Unit charge, ksqlDB applications may influence Kafka ingress, egress, and storage.

Fully-managed ksqlDB pricing is displayed in the Add an Application screen:

Confluent Cloud |ksql-cloud| Application Billing


Support plans are available for purchase from the Confluent Cloud UI at From this page, you can view your current plan or choose a different plan. If you have an annual commitment, support charges contribute to your total committed spend amount.

Support charges accrue hourly for as long as the support plan is active.


Downgrade restrictions apply to support plan purchases. Your current support level will stay in effect until the end of the current calendar month. However, if you downgrade within the month of purchase, your current support plan level is maintained until the end of the next full calendar month.

View invoices

You can view your current and past monthly invoices by navigating to the Billing tab on the Billing & payment screen. To view invoices from past months, select an option from the dropdown.

Promo codes

If you have a promotional code for Confluent Cloud, you can use one of the following options to claim the code:

  • Navigate to the Payment details & contacts tab on the Billing & payment page and click + Promo code.

    Confluent Cloud Promo Code
  • On the New cluster screen, after you click Continue, enter the promotional code before you click Launch.

    Confluent Cloud Promo Code