Marketplace Organization Suspension and Deactivation in Confluent Cloud

This topic describes the states that a Confluent Cloud organization moves through if the organization was created through a cloud provider marketplace account, and the subscription or plan is canceled by the customer or cloud provider.

The states described in the next section apply to your account if you pay for your Confluent organization usage through your cloud provider billing account.

Cancellation states

A customer’s access to their Confluent Cloud organization and the availability of resources will change based on the organization’s cancellation status and the length of time the organization has remained without an active plan.

The following table describes the statuses in more detail.

State Description
Canceled The Confluent organization does not have an active plan on file as their subscription/entitlement is inactive.
Control plane loss Users are not able to manage their resources on Confluent Cloud. New users can’t be added, new clusters can’t be provisioned, and existing clusters can’t be modified.
Suspended In addition to control plane loss, users lose access to the data plane. This means that all API keys will be deactivated – data and content is inaccessible. The ability to produce and consume data stops.
Deactivated All content, data, and resources are deleted. Deactivation is not reversible.

An organization will be moved through the states in sequential order. First an organization loses access to the control plane. Within a few days / weeks, the organization will move into a suspended state and finally the organization is deactivated. The timeline for each of these state changes is based on the plan type; pay-as-you go or commit.

Marketplace organization cancellation

A Confluent Cloud organization plan/subscription can be canceled by the customer or cloud provider at will (for example, a cloud provider may cancel for lack of payment). Once a subscription is canceled, the Confluent organization moves through each state defined in the table in the previous section, unless the account owner takes action to reinstate the account.

For customers with a commit payment plan, cancellation will also occur at the expiration date of the commit plan, if a new commitment is not linked to the Confluent organization.

For further detail on how a plan/subscription can be canceled, see the cloud provider documentation for marketplace subscriptions.

Reinstate an account before it is deactivated

If your account is in a canceled or suspended state, you can reinstate it. Note that if the account is deactivated, it is not recoverable. To reinstate an existing account:

Account created through the GCP or AWS Marketplace

In the GCP or AWS Marketplace, start a new Pay As You Go subscription for Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud™ and for the Billing Account, select the same account that was associated with the canceled or suspended account.

When prompted, sign in to Confluent Cloud with the same credentials as the previous account and if there is a new entitlement, it should automatically link to the new subscription.

Account created through the Azure Marketplace

Submit a request to Confluent Support to reinstate your account as soon as possible so that your account can be reinstated before it is deactivated and deleted.