Connect Confluent Platform Components to Confluent Cloud

You can connect your existing Confluent Platform components to Confluent Cloud. For detailed instructions, click the link for the component you want to connect.

Confluent for Kubernetes provides a cloud-native and automated way to deploy Confluent Platform components connected to Confluent Cloud. For details and links to examples, see Hybrid Deployment of Confluent Platform and Confluent Cloud.

Component examples and resources

  • To view a working example of hybrid Apache Kafka® clusters from self-hosted to Confluent Cloud, see cp-demo.
  • To try out a development Docker environment with Confluent Cloud connection examples for all Confluent Platform components, see this example.
  • For example configs for all Confluent Platform components and clients connecting to Confluent Cloud, see template examples for components.
  • To look at all the code used in the Confluent Cloud example, see the Confluent Cloud demo examples.