Consumption Metrics for Marketplace Deployments in Confluent Cloud

This topic describes Confluent Cloud pricing units. Your overall charges for Confluent Cloud usage will be a combination of the total number of each unit consumed multiplied by the cost for that unit.

Confluent consolidates billing units

Starting May 1st, 2024, Confluent consolidated Confluent Consumption Unit (CCU) and Confluent Support Units and uses only a single billing unit: Confluent Consumption Unit (CCU). Confluent deprecated all free units.

This change does not increase your costs.

For example, if you are currently using 100 CCUs and 100 Confluent Support Units in a given month, and your marketplace is charging $0.01 USD for CCUs and Confluent Support Units, your costs would be $2 USD (100 x 100 x $0.01 = $2.00). In the new system, your costs remain at $2 and your invoice shows 200 CCUs (200 x $0.01 = $2.00).

For questions, contact Confluent Support Portal.

Unit Price Description
Confluent Consumption Unit (CCU) See Marketplace listing A CCU captures your Confluent Cloud usage based on the underlying metrics such as data stored, data ingress, egress, etc.